Sunday, April 29, 2007

FolkMedia: Episodes 5-10 (special episodes from bootcamp pgh)

Special Edition of Podcast

Joel Mark Witt had the chance to interview several new media creators at Bootcamp PGH on April 21, 2007.

Posted April 29, 2007

Listen to the episodes:

Listen to episode 5
Interview with Podcamp co-founder Chris Brogan

Listen to episode 6
Interview with Jia Ji from

Listen to episode 7
Interview with web comic artist - Josh Sager

Listen to episode 8
Interview with Jim Shireman of Sportsocracy in Pittsburgh

Listen to episode 9
Interview with Lindsay Patross from

Listen to episode 10
Interview with Justin Kownacki from Something To Be Desired

All interviews were recorded live at Bootcamp Pittsburgh on April 21, 2007

Host: Joel Mark Witt

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Produced By: Joel Mark Witt

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Jia said...

That's a nice set of interviews. Hope to see you at the next PodCamp Pittsburgh in August.